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Aventurijn bestaat dit jaar 15 jaar. Voor ons aanleiding om bekende mensen te vragen naar hun ervaringen met Aventurijn. In 2008 bezocht de kleinzoon van Gandhi, Arun Gandhi Aventurijn en sprak met kinderen en jongeren. Steve Engelkind begeleidde hem en schreef het volgende:

It was a bright sunny day as I drove up to the school with Arun Gandhi from Germany where we had been touring schools and universities.

We did not really know what to expect or what was awaiting us and we were plunged into an atmosphere where we saw children having a great deal of fun and sharing with adults. I remember sitting in a wigwam with Arun and he told stories of his grandfather, the Mahatma. The children were enthralled and the atmosphere in the tent was somehow exciting as it reminded us of those other ‘Indians’ who had also suffered under the ‘white man’.
The tour of the school was particularly interesting for both of us because for me it reminded me of the Mondcivitan School initiated by myself and my wife with others many years ago in London – the first peace school in London and the first ‘world citizen’ school in the world. It was also one of the first free schools. The learning approach seemed very similar with a person centered approach and the freedom for individual development. 
For Arun it was also very relevant because we were trying to raise funds for a living and learning center in Kolhapur India which had been the dream of Arun and his late wife Sunanda. There are now over 30 children in this project.
All these projects have a similar issue – money! Our project in London finally had to be abandoned despite great educational benefit because of funding and Arun’s project is still fighting for enough money to develop the dream.
These projects also depend on people because teachers and organizers require enormous dedication in order to meet the demands they place upon themselves.
Governments are reluctant to fully support alternative education projects as they probably fear a loss of control. State education systems are often negligent of the real needs of children and young people but rather orient their aims on education to suit the immediate needs of the economy, military and administration etc.
We shall always remember this wonderful experience in Aventurijn and hope that the means will be given to continue this brave project.
Steve Engelking, MBA, CertEd (London)
meer informatie over het bezoek van Arun Gandhi aan Aventurijn in 2009? Klik hier:
Terugblik 21 mei 2009:

Arun Gandhi Tour : Integral Article

21 mei :: Loenen – de DauwTrapMarkt van Karoen

On 21 May we departed from Tuningen, below Stuttgart, Germany, at 6:15 to strike the AutoBahn. 2 Youngsters were dropped at Montaubur Railway Station and we passed the Dutch border before 11 o’clock doing about 600 kilometers. “The Dutch really happens right now!” and Karoen and Hannah received us at the entrance of a “dauwtrapmarkt” – a dutch cultural label that sounds as nature, early morning, bare foot and a gathering to offer alternative ways of living together. This all arranged by a boy of 17 who grasped the idea of Arun Gandhi driving close by that morning to pop up for an hour the exchange his legacy from Mahatma Gandhi, his bloodrelative via his Father. The picture shows the warmth of the TIPI where Arun lectures his legacy and answers questions from children and some parents.

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