2e Brief aan de 2e Kamer

Beste mensen,

Bij deze de laatste poging voor de tweede kamer stemming as dinsdag. We hebben iemand bereid gevonden deze brief aan ALLE leden van de tweede kamer te sturen.

Hier klikken om de brief aan de 2e kamer te lezen…

We kregen veel positieve ondersteuning van buitenlandse “collega” scholen. Enkele citaten bijgevoegd (ook naar de tweede kamer verzonden).


“Each of you who places a vote is a separate individual, each with the power to say no. Please think very carefully before you become responsible for yet another step in the devastating mono-culturing of our world.”

Juli Gassner
Assistant Principal

Gardeners Rd Primary School
Sydney, Australia

“Currently there are private schools in your country that serve as models for the democratic style of education, a style that is expanding around the world right now, satisfying many families and communities. This valuable learning approach will be destroyed if this new law is enacted, surely not what is intended? If so, I would be deeply disappointed and surprised that a country known for progressive and experimental ideas would have produced such a negative outcome for education–it would be chilling indeed.”

Sally Rosloff
California, United States

“Why must those in power reduce the personal powers and opinions of others? This imperial attitude is patronising and can only come from hidden fears. There is enough of that already in the world, so why add depersonalisation to classrooms the like of which is found in barrack rooms.”

Christopher Gilmore

“Together with Denmark, the Netherlands are viewed as
enlightened and progressive in regard to educational policy and practice in
other parts of Western Europe such as the UK and Ireland. It is vitally
important therefore that govermental support and tolerance of democratic
schools in Europe is continued, strenghthened and extended throughout.”

Alison Cordingley
County Cork

“Having different schools and different options for the education of your children will strengthen
your country not weaken it.”

Moe Zimmerberg
The Tutorial School
Santa Fe, NM, USA

“Two years ago I attended some public schools in the Netherlands as well as the Aventurijn Free School in Loenen. I was simply astounded by the zest for life, general enthusiasm for learning and above all the amount of knowledge that the children of Aventurijn demonstrated. During my many years of teaching I had never witnessed the likes of that in any school in South Africa.”

Douwe van der Zee
Teacher, facilitator and author of ‘Wisdom of the Most Conventional Kind?

“Het zou jammer zijn als een vrij land, zoals Nederland, minder vrijheid aan haar kinderen kan aanbieden dan een klein, arm land in Afrika.”

Met de beste wensen,
Gerard Mathot,
Seliba Sa Boithuto

“Democratic education is now offered to over 40,000 children around the world
in over two hundred places, in more than 30 countries, and the movement is
growing all the time. Holland is seen as a leader in this development.
…… If the government in the Netherlands can throw itself behind such innovation, it
will retain its image as an example for the future.”

David Gribble, U.K

“For the last few years I have been reading in Ode –a Dutch magazine of contemporary culture– all kinds of accounts of the radical and visionary schools in Holland, schools that have been an inspiration to educators all over the world. I wonder if Holland now really wants to go backwards, maybe even further back that America has gone.”

Todd Pratum, Pratum School & Library.

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