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What do you want your child to learn at school?

  • Do you want it to learn to do what it’s told, even if it is against its free will?
  • Do you want it to learn all kinds of useless facts which it can forget immediately after an exam or graduation?

If so, you should choose a school where they put a lot of children in one classroom. Where they are monitored by one ‘guard’ only. Where they let them sit and make them shut up, only doing the things they are told to do. Where they tell you that it is safe because they have metal detectors placed at the entrance – now what does that really tell you?!

Choose a place where the teachers don’t take the children outdoors to experience nature, but instead teach them from a book what nature is like… A place where they give you a 15 minutes break to play outside on a playground made of concrete and stone.

Choose a school like this and you will know exactly what kind of child yours will become and what it will have learned: it is very safe…

Or would you rather want your child to grow up to be a responsible human being?


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